Born in 1950 in the Netherlands, Ina Bartelds finished her studies
and became an Arts and Crafts Professor in Malibu, California.
She went on to be Professor of Art and History of Art in the Netherlands.

From an early age, Nature, Art and the Spiritual have played a prominent part in her life.
Ina’s desire to integrate Far Eastern Philosophy with Art involves endless exploration
and she finds that flowers encompass a myriad of possibilities for development in this regard.

Ina emigrated to France in 1995. Her garden is her studio and with oil on canvas,
she paints large brilliantly coloured flowers that open up in space, often with the appearance of delicate material.
In Jailly les Moulins, she lives in an old watermill, where she exhibits her work every summer
and where she also organises workshops offering courses on ‘Meditation through Art /Art through Meditation’

She has also been exhibited in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Ghent, Paris, Monaco, Cannes, Florence and Madrid.